Opening Statements: Winning It Now -- Winning It Here
Access to these recorded training sessions and any accompanying materials is restricted to employees of federal public and community defender organizations; CJA panel attorneys who accept court appointments to federal criminal cases; and investigators, paralegals and other defense team members who work on CJA panel cases.

What a confused, possibly fearful, jury needs, wants and deserves from you, its orientation leader.  Opening statements establish the context in which the jurors will interpret all of the evidence they hear during the trial.  Learn how to use this opportunity to communicate your theory of defense to the jury.


The Winning Strategies Seminar, took place January 30 to February 1, 2014.  It brought together a dynamic group of attorneys, professionals and judges, speaking on a wide variety of topics specifically designed to keep panel attorneys abreast of the most recent and important developments in federal criminal defense. The program included both large plenary lectures as well as smaller "break-out" lectures, covering topics that meet the needs of  the advanced practitioner and the less experienced attorney alike.  Sessions included sessions on new sentencing strategies in a post-Booker world, persuading judges to move away from over-dependence on the Guidelines, recurring issues in drug cases, how to best take advantage of proffers and cooperation, Supreme Court updates, ethics and more.

The following Winning Strategies presentations were recorded and are available for viewing:

  • Impeaching Testifying Witnesses
  • Important Issues to Consider When Defending Clients in Child Porn Cases
  • How Law Enforcement Can, or Cannot, Track People Using Their Cell Phones, iPads, Blackberries, GPS, Etc.
  • Enticers and Travelers -- Law and Strategy for Fighting "Child Sex" Cases
  • Educating the Legal System About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders -- It's Not Just an Excuse
  • Opening Statements:  Winning It Now -- Winning It Here
  • "Do You Hear What I Hear?"  Why Demonstrative Evidence Makes A Difference
  • Panel Discussion:  Ethical Issues Confronting Criminal Defense Attorneys


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January 31, 2014
Opening Statements: Winning It Now -- Winning It Here
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John Delgado   [ view bio ]
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Defender Services Office Training Division
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