The Government Had My Wires Tapped: Litigating Title III Wiretap Challenges (12/2018)
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In this era of persistent hacks and little, if any, privacy of your data, where does Title III wiretapping fit in? It now seems quaint that the Supreme Court stated in its landmark case which led to the enactment of the current wiretapping statutes, “[f]ew threats to liberty exist which are greater than that posed by the use of eavesdropping devices.” Berger v. United States, 388 U.S. 41, 63 (1967). Wiretap litigation is a complex, multilayered process. Questions arise regarding the unique discovery production obligations of the government in these cases as well as questions about whether the government properly sought, minimized, maintained and sealed the recordings. Did they seek proper extensions for the continued interception of the electronic recordings? And, of course, was there probable cause and ‘requisite necessity’ to seek the interceptions? These issues and how to litigate them will be discussed. 

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December 01, 2018
The Government Had My Wires Tapped: Litigating Title III Wiretap Challenges
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Gail Shifman
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Defender Services Office Training Division
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