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This session will address how to challenge pattern-recognition evidence/examiners, focusing on attacking the assumptions made by examiners and exposing the lack of a scientific basis when claims of individualization are made. With the findings in two National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Reports, there is now authority to use when attacking such forensics. No longer can we merely accept the notion that examiners can individualize latent fingerprints and markings on bullets/casings by detecting "unique" characteristics, particularly when both are usually damaged and partial. If you cannot exclude it, where there is a lack of standards for identifying and quantifying so-called individualizing characteristics and a lack of statistical bases for declarations of a match, the jury must be taught that these "experts" are wearing the Emperor’s new clothes when they subjectively declare "I know it when I see it.

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December 01, 2018
Challenging Pattern Recognition Evidence - Fingerprints & Firearm Toolmark Analysis (AKA Ballistics)
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Jennifer Friedman
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Defender Services Office Training Division
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