Access to these recorded training sessions and any accompanying materials is restricted to employees of federal public and community defender organizations; CJA panel attorneys who accept court appointments to federal criminal cases; and investigators, paralegals and other defense team members who work on CJA panel cases.
The adjustments to the illegal re-entry guideline can add 4 to 6 years to a recommended sentence. This presentation focuses on a systematic approach to legal objections involving crimes of violence, drug trafficking offenses, aggravated felonies, and felonies designed to minimize the effect of these upward adjustments.

These presentations were recorded October 13-14, 2011, during the Criminal Justice Act Panel Training for the Southern Federal Defender Program in Mobile, Alabama. The seminar is the yearly training program offered by the defender office for the local CJA panel. It addressed a number of criminal legal topics of both local and national interest.

The following presentations were recorded and are available for viewing:
  • Motions In Limine: New Areas of Attack When At the Threshold
  • Computer Forensics 101
  • Peer-to-Peer Crimes and Investigations: An Overview
  • 3553(a): Two Stories, One Goal
  • Defending Those Who Defend Us—Considerations When Defending Veterans
  • Defending Against Sentencing Enhancements in Immigration Case
  • Sentencing: Deconstructing Drug Guidelines
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 13, 2011
Defending Those Who Defend Us - Considerations When Defending Veterans
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Christian Capece   [ view bio ]
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Defender Services Office Training Division
Minutes: 71.00
Preview Defending Those Who Defend Us - Considerations When Defending VeteransPreview Defending Those Who Defend Us - Considerations When Defending Veterans
This Seminar is presented free of charge.